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Cold foam mattress

What is a cold foam mattress?

Cold foam mattresses are made of polyurethane foam (also known as poly-foam), which is foamed in large blocks and cures without additional heat (hence the name cold foam mattress). The actual cold foam mattress is finally cut from the blocks and made with a different surface profile depending on the manufacturer and use.

A cold foam mattress has the following advantages:

  • Point elasticity
  • Stores heat very well
  • Good adaptability
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers (less to no mite infestation)
  • 7-zone cold foam mattress

Cold foam can be easily cut, so it is possible to incorporate layered zones into the core via core cuts. Typically there are 7 sleep zones, which are adapted to different areas of the body and support each of these areas with varying degrees of strength.

The shoulder zone is usually softer and provides pressure relief along with a lower yield of the shoulder area, while the pelvic area is usually tighter and supports the body more. The aim of the sleep zones in the cold foam is to ensure the spine is positioned straight in order to prevent back pain. Cold foam is known for its form stabilityand it is usually long-lasting.


A term which is always heard in connection with the cold foam mattress. It is expressed in kg / m³ and refers to the density of the cold foam. The higher the weight of the cold foam mattress, the more stable and durable the mattress is. A cold foam mattress with a weight of more than 40 kg / m³ is much less susceptible to sag than a cold foam mattress with a lower weight.

The Emma Original Mattress

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